Safety Policy & Guidelines



Safety is first in mind with everything we do at The Wooden Hatchet. Please carefully read and understand everything below in order to have a safe and enjoyable Axe Throwing experience. Please be aware that any violation of our safety policies or other unsafe behavior by any member of your group may result in you being unable to participate in your event, and/or immediate end to your rental. Your event fee will not be refunded.



Please wear properly-fitting clothing which allows you good range of motion. CLOSED-TOE SHOES ARE REQUIRED for anyone entering the throwing area. Loose clothing such as hooded sweatshirts, shawls, scarves, and accessories can also create unsafe conditions by limiting mobility and/or snagging on objects during your event. For the same reason, brimmed hats are also discouraged.  Your Safety Instructor will exercise his/her discretion when meeting your group – and you may be asked to remove any clothing items or accessories which could present a safety risk. We trust you and your group will cooperate.



You will be instructed in safety guidelines, throwing technique, and the structure of play upon arrival.

NEVER enter the throwing area until given permission to do so by your Safety Instructor.

NEVER cross the throwing line until axes have come to rest either in the target or on the floor.

NEVER throw until the participant in the adjacent lane has completed their throw.

NEVER leave the throwing lane with an axe.

Food and beverages are not allowed inside the trailer.



Follow all directions given by our Safety Instructors. Should you forget a safety rule, you will receive friendly but firm reminders from them. However, repeated failure to follow safety rules may result in your removal from the throwing area and/or activities. Please take their direction seriously, as all rules are in place for your safety.



We ask that all participants behave in a responsible and adult manner. We are here to have fun, but safety must come first. Our Safety Instructors will issue warnings for any roughhousing or horseplay. Repeated warnings may result in removal from the throwing area and banned from all other activities.



We ask that when we arrive to your event, please be alert and free from the influence of any substances, including alcohol. During your time with us, please drink responsibly. We believe that enjoying alcoholic beverages during your sporting event is both possible and safe when done responsibly and in moderation. Drinking to excess puts the safety of yourself and others at risk. Please be aware that arrival under the influence or excessive consumption during your event WILL result in a breach of our safety policy, canceling and/or ending all activities, and removal of rental from said event.

Should this occur, please realize that we do this not only for your safety, but for that of your group, other groups, and our instructors. In the case that this happens, Your event fee will not be refunded.



All throwing axes are provided by The Wooden Hatchet. As required by our insurance company, patrons may not bring their own axes or any other throwing implements at the event or on our trailer.



  • Closed-toed shoes are required to throw. No loose clothing, hoodies, or brimmed hats.  High heels are prohibited (boots are OK)
  • Follow ALL of the Safety Instructors directions.
  • Never enter the throwing area without permission from a Safety Instructor.
  • Never cross the throwing line until the Safety Instructor approves.
  • Never throw until both participants in your area are behind the throwing line.
  • Never leave the throwing lane with an axe.
  • No food or beverages in front of Red safety line.
  • No roughhousing or horseplay.
  • Spectators: Please do not stick your fingers inside the trailer through the Fence.
  • When we arrive, please be sober. Please drink responsibly throughout your event.
  • Our insurance prohibits all guests from bringing your own axes/hatchets.
  • The Wooden Hatchet does not allow any smoking while on the trailer.